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Did someone say room service?

Provide your guests with the best in room entertainment. 

With the latest movies, sports, news and local channels they may never want to check-out!

Dish For Hotels - Institutions


What property types qualify as Hotels - Institutions?

  • Hotel/Motel

  • Hospitals

  • Prisons

  • Dorms

  • Assisted Living Facilities

DISH creates affordable custom solutions to meet your unique property needs. Our trained business specialists will work with you to customize the perfect solution for your property.

A new era in guest entertainment


​EVOLVE is the ultimate in-room entertainment solution

personalised by guests and powered by their content.



Advanced program guide helps guests spend less time browsing and more time watching.

Smart innovations, infinite possibilities.


The simple, affordable, and forward-thinking way to deliver amazing HD TV across your entire property.


  • Commercial Grade 
    Built-in redundancy and remote management for commercial environments

  • Installation Savings 
    No costly rewiring, with integration into existing coaxial, Ethernet, or fiber

  • Energy & Space Savings 
    Takes up 93% less space and uses 90% less power than prior systems

  • More Happy Customers 
    Delivers up to 96 HD channels across your entire property without receivers at the TV

The best remote for your guests

Easy to use

  • simplified layout with only essential buttons

  • backlit buttons for improved low-light use

  • key buttons are raised for easy button navigation/location

  • lightweight and slender for easy single-hand use

  • turn on/off the TV and DISH receiver with one button

  • stands on end for easy location


  • pre-loaded with DISH set-top box codes

  • pre-loaded with LG TV codes

  • programmable for most other TVs

  • control volume on the TV and channel up/down on the DISH receiver


  • antimicrobial case—better than antibacterial

  • easy-to-clean case


  • highly durable construction

  • hidden battery compartment—no more broken battery covers or lost/stolen batteries


  • 20%–25% below competitor offerings

  • minimal energy usage extends battery life

Getting OnTV is easy




Start by telling us about your property

Next a business professional will contact you

After customizing the perfect solution for your property, we’ll work with you to setup an installation plan

Request A Quote

See how Dish has helped other properties

TV Remote

Dish Improves TV At Prison

The prison was in a remote location and it was struggling to receive a reliable signal for local channels in its remote location, had a small budget for television service, and wanted quick service when channels or outages occurred to prevent restless inmates.

TV Remote

Upscale Hotel Chain

A large hotel chain wanted a national video partner focused on innovation to meet its brand standards today and in the future with a focus on the bottom line.

Hospital Waiting Room

Dish Solves Healthcare Group's TV Needs

A leading healthcare group wanted an innovative partner to provide TV to its patients and staff. They owned a few hospitals and couple of outpatient service locations and wanted a provider that could help them reduce costs and provide an easy to use solution without expensive rewiring. 

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