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Managing your screen content is very simple.  With your Milner Media service, all the work is done for you.   All you need to do is upload your raw material, ie document, images, video and tell us when you want it published to play.  Thats, it, we do the rest! 

Frequently asked questions

How do I create a video to upload to my screen?

Easy, we recommend using Adobe Spark, it's a great, free, cloud based tool which allows you to upload images, add text and has many easy templates. It also provides tools for creating unified content for social media and marketing.

Can I change the layout and background of my Milner Media screens?

Yes. Milner Media provides your default template. If you have already have a design, send it to us at and we will get it set up for you. If you do not, contact us and we can help you design your new template.

How can I integrate our social media feeds into my screen?

Yes. You can link your social media account(s) to the RSS feed. We will customize and automate that for you.

  1. You may link as many accounts as you wish.
  2. We support 100's of applications, such as Slack, Twitter, Google Calendar and others,

Will I be able to set a start and end period for my video to play?

Yes, adding content is simple. Upload the file, select the play date range, any other instructions and submit.

If I upload my own content, does it need to be in a video format?

Yes, here's why, your content is all unique, some pieces you may want displaying for 3 seconds, some for 30 seconds. It all depends upon how long you want that image to be shown. When creating a video from a static image, you set the play time of the video. It's really easy to do with tools like A free video creation tool!