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Senior Living reit

The Opportunity

A large Senior Living Real Estate Investment Trust who provides independent living and 24 hour skilled nursing care was looking for an innovative partner to provide internet and television solutions to meet each of their properties’ needs. The REIT realized it was spending too much energy and time securing internet and TV from differing providers with different solutions, contracts, pricing, contacts, processes, etc. They needed a partner with a national solution for all of their locations with world class customer service at the right prices.

Our Solution

DISH proposed a bulk rate for TV and internet service to all units. The bulk service included 48 of the most popular channels selected using Nielsen ratings for the 55+ age group, regional sports networks, a community channel and an electronic programming guide channel. The 48 channels were distributed through a smartbox installed at each property connected to 3 discrete satellite dishes near the equipment room. Since the signal is received directly at the property, the signal is also stronger and more reliable than cable. The smartbox can output both an analog and digital signal to optimize the performance of any TV without the need for a set-top box at each television. This allows each TV to receive the best signal they are capable of displaying without a set-top box. Each TV in the skilled nursing facility was provided a simplified, easy-to-use, antimicrobial remote with a hidden battery compartment. DISH leveraged its network of internet providers to provide a gigabyte circuit at each property. The dedicated property circuits allow DISH to charge properties for their true bandwidth needs and upgrade the circuits as usage increases. It also allows DISH to also provide higher bulk speeds than a cable company might offer, sometimes up to a gigabyte per resident. DISH installed Wi-Fi access points throughout the property (in each office, unit and community area) to create an always active service, so residents didn’t have set up modems or purchase Wi-Fi routers (which reduced failure points and frustration). All services are remotely monitored and managed with dedicated call support. Local technicians are nearby to provide support for problems that cannot be solved remotely. All of DISH’s equipment has comprehensive parts and labor warranties, and the smartbox is more energy efficient than previous equipment solutions or DIRECTV’s solutions. Individual residents who wanted their own accounts could do so and upgrade to DVRS, more channels and faster internet speeds. DISH’s technicians even offer TV hanging and surround sound services, so the property management doesn’t have to worry about it and can just tell their residents to call DISH. Residents receive a discount on the programming package they select which reflects the channels the REIT is already paying for in the bulk channel lineup. The REIT was pleased they had a consistent national solution at a reasonable cost per property with flexibility to please every resident. The residents were delighted they did not have to call a technician when they moved in to watch TV or get connected and the internet speeds provided a crystal clear stream of their grandchildren calling on Skype or FaceTime.

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