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Installation FAQ:

All ONTV services offer a standard professional installation from a highly trained installer who will:

+ Install your ONTV modem on your roof, balcony, or other location within 100 feet of your router or PC (as long as there is an unobstructed view to the Access Point).

+ Run up to 125 feet of cable from your modem to the router or pc.

+ Connect your ONTV modem to your previously connected equipment.

+ Provide a connection and speed test with your new service.

+ Assist in activating your service.

While our standard professional installation covers most ONTV system set-ups, some installations may require additional custom work that is not included with standard professional installation.  Please note that additional charges apply for custom installation. Custom installation includes, but is not limited to:

+ Routing cables through more than 1 wall or fishing cables between walls.

+ Installing or connecting to additional routers, extenders or routing to more than 1 outlet

+ Modem mounting on pole or similar.

+ Additional equipment, cables.

If your installation requires custom work, the technician will ask you to sign a revised Custom Work Rate Sheet with the fixed rate prior to installation, and he will collect payment directly from you while he is still on-site. These charges will not appear on your ONTV bill.


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